The Shrink Ray Chronicles
Determined to find out what is bothering his best pal G.E.O., Professor Herbert shrinks himself to microscopic size and travels to G.E.O.'s brain...but things don't go as planned! This is the very first collection of Clay Sisk's daily comic strip "Professor Herbert and Geo."

DETAILS: Full color/ 130 pages
SNOW DAZE: The Night They Saved Christmas
It’s Christmas time in Centerville and there's no snow in the forecast! 
In a desperate attempt to avert this disaster the Mayor enlists Professor Herbert to find a way to make it snow in time for Christmas!
Prepare to embark on your new Christmas tradition!

DETAILS: Full color/ 87 pages

Professor Herbert and G.E.O. and all related characters are the Property and Copyright 2018 of Clay Sisk/Studio Siskart.
The Galaxy Breakers
The third collection of Clay Sisk's "Professor Herbert and G.E.O." comic strip. In order to power his snow cannon, the Professor obtains the rare element ABSURIDUM from deep space. Soon after, the owners want it back! Prepare for intergalactic adventure!


Professor Herbert and G.E.O. Adventures #1
New adventures with the gang in COMIC BOOK FORM!! This is the first of a five issue series featuring new adventures! In this issue G.E.O. comes down with his first cold and the Professor's cure comes with disastrous effects!